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Leave your Soul at the front Gate

Satan's Lair Have you ever been to a Mexican prison. Well how about this one. Locked up for stealing a bottle of beer, I was put into a blackened stone room with walls three feet thick. The oven absorbed the scorching sun creating 170 degree temps. Even the water ration was to hot to drink. I was then moved to a cell where I waited from dusk to dawn. I was accompanied by the widow spinning her web on the bars of my cell. My floor came to life as the night creatures scurried the earthen ground. As the moon ate away the sun I would gaze upon the shallow graves of dead prisoners who had succumbed to the torturous ways before me.



 The Satan Cave is conveniently located on Milwaukee's east side, hidden by the vegetation along the Milwaukee River. The entrance is adorned with satanic symbols warning the innocent of of its contents. Once inside the stench of a thousand sacrificed souls burn the nostrils and the walls are decorated with more intense symbolism and writings. The cave speaks to its captures with the sound of moisture dripping from the walls and ceiling. A hole in the center of the vastness vomits hot steam. Is it sewage? Or is it from hell? Sitting at the caves rear lies amassed a alter, nestled below an inverted crucifix. On the alter rests the remains of sacrificial burnings. The damp coolness penetrates your skin, or is it the lost souls? One is unable to distinguish. Evil in the daytime? Try visiting it on Halloween night. I did not think "It" would let me go.

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Located in the heart of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula is the ancient ruin Chichen Itza. In the arena centuries ago, a sort of rugby/futbal game was played. The place where I am standing is where the Royalty viewed the game from. The object of the game was of course to win. As reward for winning the captain of the winning team would be sacrificed (put to death). Lining the walls to the entrance are the skulls of those who were put to death. As I stood over looking the playing field I felt a sense of awe. Let the games begin!

Truly one of the most Satanic places at one point in time, especially if you were one of the unfortunate to have made a visit.   Notice how tidy that it looks, what a deception.  Is it a vampire that can drain all of the blood from a body without spilling a drop?  In some realms vampires are considered fictional, but not the diabolical being that lived in this apartment, he was very much real.  What we don't see are the human remains meticulously dismembered and tucked away in the refrigerator for a rainy day.  Does the picture on the wall depict what was going on in the deranged mans head?  To learn more about the ways and means of the individual, visit the most exclusive site on this individual. 

You can go to Hell and then come back with tales of a blackened and jagged rock formation that gives this little district in West Bay its name. Hell's intriguing weathered rock formation is over 1 1/2 million years old and resembles the charred remains of a hell fire. Hell's own post office was opened in 1962 for tourists who wanted to send postcards from Hell. They send letters and cards to friends with the 'HELL postmark clearly stamped on the back-and greetings like, "This is a Hell of a place" or "You saw me in Hell first." Hell was christened in the 1930s by the Commissioner of the Island Mr. Alan Cardinall. Hells Post OfficeHell's intriguing formations,  which look like volcanic rock, are actually made up of very hard limestone, at one time snow white, are now blacked by a surface coating of  algae which are secreting acid and eroding the rock into these unusual shapes. So, if you have had enough of heavenly bliss on our lovely beaches take a break and GO TO HELL!

You can see Hell's Post Office and a post Card sent from it.....>


Take heed to all those who dare enter....Cursed by the structure or the land it lay upon the unresting spirits reach out to the living.  The Whaley House serves as a cryptic mortuary for dozens of unfortunates whose souls were cast to the heavens and hells by the demonic convolutions of another's laden hands.
The presence of the apparitions can still be felt with a cool breath down your back as you violate the unearthened grounds.

Erected in brick with the mortar of evil in 1855 by Thomas Whaley, the phenomenons of violent deaths hence began.

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It is said that a cemetery fertilizes a trees roots with animated evil.  These precursed my last thoughts as I was being prepared by digestive enzymes.  Agony,  horror, excruciating terror impregnated me with a dying wish.

The immortal lust for life emanated from the vegetated, germination seeking carnivore as I lay captured, returning to a liquefied state.  Disemboweled by the loss of an outer membrane, my existence exuded upon the earthen floor and vigorously seeped into the gluttonous catacombs of an osmosil hive.

My ora was evisorated and entombed to another state for all eternity.

A mold, ceramic, a bit of paint and a lost soul are what make up the deity dolls.  A purgatory of souls line the walls of this remote Mexican villages house of hell.  You can feel the hallow soul catchers lustfully gleaming straight through you with tentacles of doom and incarcerating your existence with an exquisite evil.

It is said, the one who looks at a soulless deity doll straight in the eye, will be stripped of their own, leaving them in a stagnant metamorphic state.

Just don't break up with a Deity Doll, for she will fall to pieces.


The OSSUARY (A container or receptacle, such as an urn or a vault, for holding the bones of the dead) is located in Sedlec, 70km from Prague, which was constructed in the last century out of thousands of skeletons of victims of the Black Death.
The ossuary is in the chapel of the nearby Church of  the All Saints graveyard.  In the late 13th century a handful of earth from Christ's grave was brought to Sedlec and scattered over the graveyard, thus turning it into a pilgrimage site for people from all over Central Europe. The people being buried there thought that this would increase their chances of getting to he
aven.  The medieval plague epidemic saw thousands of people being buried there, far too many for the graveyard to cope with.  If you take a careful look at of its towers you will see that a skull and crossbones, replace the usual Christian cross. The ossuary itself dates from 1511 when a half-blind monk was given the task to gather the bones from the abolished graves and putting them in the crypt to make place for new "customers". The task may seem somewhat macabre and unenviable but it served a practical purpose. Anyhow - now the material was in store and waiting for an idea and someone to realize that idea.  A more questionable task than the one of the half-blind monk was the one of the local woodcarver who in 1870 was hired to decorate the inside of the Chapel with the human material (an approximate of 40,000 sets of human bones) at his disposal. The name of the artist was Frantisek Rindt.  He created
the decorations - which include monstrances, pinnacles, urns, a coat of arms, Rint's own signature, and an extraordinary chandelier that apparently features every single bone in the human body.  However questionable the Ossuary - it is real. The bones are real.  The feeling of death is real, but also the feeling of peace.  Most of the dead in the Ossuary died a "natural" i.e. non-violent  death and the bones were removed from the ground to give more Christians the possibility to be buried on holy ground.  The interior is decorated with human bones but it's a "normal" church made of stone and bricks. I'd also like to point out that it's a normal Christian church with a Christ on the cross figure and all the rest. It's not some weird cult or Satanist church.
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